Cannery Row Ghost Tour - An Evening of Mystery presented by Zucchini's Magic Shop & Treasure Hunt: The Ride

Join the Cannery Row Ghost Tour for a mesmerizing evening that weaves through the heart of Monterey's most haunted history. This tour, starting and ending at the intriguing Treasure Hunt: The Ride, takes you on a journey across 13 spectral stops, each shrouded in mystery and steeped in lore. Hosted by Zucchini's Magic Shop, this adventure is a captivating mix of eerie tales and forgotten pasts.

As dusk falls over Cannery Row, your tour begins with an introduction to the ghostly stories that permeate the area. From the mysterious happenings at Doc Ricketts' Lab to the unexplained occurrences in the historic 700 Building, each stop on the tour is a chapter in the larger, enigmatic story of Cannery Row's history. Adding to the intrigue, the tour includes an exclusive descent into the 'caverns' beneath Cannery Row, a prelude to the Treasure Hunt: The Ride experience. Located in the haunted basement of the eerie 700 Building, this attraction is shrouded in its own ghostly tales, setting the tone for the evening's adventures.

Guided by the expert storytellers from Zucchini's Magic Shop, you'll explore a carefully curated selection of stops, each revealing a piece of Cannery Row's spectral puzzle. The journey weaves through the night, leaving you with more questions than answers about the shadows that linger in these historic streets. The tour concludes back at Treasure Hunt: The Ride, where your ghostly exploration of Cannery Row's past transitions into a thrilling adventure. Each guest leaves with an unlimited ticket to this ride, inviting you to delve deeper into the secrets of Monterey for the rest of your night.

Tours are limited to 25 Guests, so buy your ticket today and step into a night where history and legend intertwine, waiting to be unraveled one eerie step at a time. Join the Cannery Row Ghost Tour and discover the stories hidden in the shadows of this iconic district.