Introduction to Gift Vouchers

Embark on a journey of excitement with our Treasure Hunt: The Ride Gift Vouchers. Ideal for those who crave adventure and exploration, these vouchers offer a gateway to a memorable experience at our unique attraction. Whether it's navigating through mysterious caverns or seeking treasures in hidden lairs, our vouchers are your ticket to an exhilarating world filled with wonder and thrill.

Gifting Adventure and VIP Access

Transform a special day into an extraordinary adventure with our Gift Vouchers. These are not mere entry passes; they are the promise of an unforgettable journey through the enchanting world of Treasure Hunt: The Ride. For those seeking an elevated experience, our vouchers can also be used for our VIP Annual Passes, granting year-long access with added benefits and exclusive offers.

Purchasing Gift Vouchers

Our intuitive online purchasing process makes acquiring Gift Vouchers for Treasure Hunt: The Ride a breeze. Whether you're gifting a single exciting day or a full year of VIP adventures, our vouchers cater to all preferences:

1. Choose Your Voucher: Decide between a single-day adventure or the unparalleled experience of a VIP Annual Pass.
2. Easy Online Purchase: Visit our user-friendly website to select and purchase your voucher.
3. Instant Delivery: Receive the Gift Voucher via email, ready to be forwarded or printed for gifting.

Inform Your Recipient

Once you've purchased the Gift Voucher, let your recipient know about the fantastic journey that awaits them. Share the voucher, either digitally or in print, ensuring they have the Serial Number, which is their golden ticket to an adventure like no other.

Redemption Instructions for Recipients

For those fortunate to receive a Gift Voucher for Treasure Hunt: The Ride, Redeeming your Gift Voucher is easy:

Single-Day Ticket Vouchers: Simply present your voucher at the entrance. Your Gift Voucher itself serves as your ticket to the ride. 
VIP Annual Pass Vouchers: To activate your VIP Annual Pass, follow the steps to purchase the pass on our website. During checkout, enter the Serial Number from your Gift Voucher. This will apply the voucher's value to your purchase, unlocking a year of VIP adventures.

Need Assistance?

Our dedicated support team is always ready to assist with any questions or issues related to your Gift Voucher. Whether it's understanding how to redeem it or inquiries about the VIP Annual Pass benefits, visit our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us at for prompt and friendly assistance.